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Why are people attacking money saving expert Martin Lewis' wealth? Personally I like taking advice from someone who's obviously good at managing their personal finances. If the man was up to his neck in debt I'd be a bit more skeptical about his money saving credentials.

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I never understood the phrase "catching up with friends and family". It kinda implies they're running away from me.

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This is Miya and Kiyo. You never know when someone might need a hug, so Miya tries to be proactive about it. Kiyo stays available for quality control. 13/10 for both

an older black cocker spaniel mix sits on the landing of some concrete steps with yellow painted rises. she’s beaming. a gray and white pomsky pup stands on her two hind legs and hugs her friend from behind

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As a…
– user
I want to…
– prove I am not a robot by training a robot to become less like a robot
so that…
– the more I train the robot, the more fucking painful it gradually becomes to prove that I am not a robot

Image repeats text of tweet content in image form for some reason

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The switchover at hybrid online/offline conferences is weird. Multiple speakers sharing/unsharing their screen when that screen contains a copy of the video conferencing software produces an effect I'm going to refer to as "Teams-Inception".

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I'm in an academic conference, but I'm attending virtually so I can't post the traditional blurry phone pic taken from the back row of the audience.

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For me, as someone who doesn't particularly enjoy watching sport, I can still get behind the recent surge in popularity of women's football. For example: I'm amazed by the vast number of ways there are to incorrectly spell the word "lionesses" on chalkboards outside pubs.

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how many days until Amazon/Ring add a checkbox to roomba

☑️ you can share maps of the inside of my home with law enforcement

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There should be no such thing as job interviews. People can be amazing at the interview and shit at the job, and vice versa, so often you don't actually get the people you're looking for and turn away the people you are. Job applicants should do trial shifts, not interviews.

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Anyone else think the Gen IX water starter looks like Howard the Duck?


Listen up TV directors/producers, I don't need 5mins at the start of the show to tell me 'whats coming up', I also don't need a pre-ad break taster of 'whats coming up' and neither do I need a post-ads recap of what I've just watched. Just give me more content.

Stop showing me things on your phone. If it was of any interest to me, it would be available on my phone

Interesting facts about Toasters

It should cost £5 to send an email

Sharing Russell's tribute from his Instagram below:


Just drove past this sign, think I might give it a miss


Drowning in technical debt? C? C++? Fortran? Why not consolidate it all into one big easy-to-repay loan from Google!


Today I realised that the popular Japanese power tool manufacturer's name is 'Makita'. For the past 10 years or so I've been saying/writing 'Makuhita'. And if you know why I think that's funny, you're as sad as I am.

St Mary's Stadium is plenty big enough, and after narrowly missing out on the city of culture bid, it might even be the cultural boost this city needs. dailyecho.co.uk/news/20518622.… # @SouthamptonCC

I wish Southampton had buskers like this... youtube.com/watch?v=S5gnxo…

Guys, I think I’ve solved it. Hear me out...

We make any day the temperature goes above 32C in the UK an automatic bank holiday

And then watch the big corporations scramble to fix climate change ASAP

disabled1system1user6708? That's amazing, I have the same password on my luggage!

disabled1system1user6708? That's amazing, I have the same password on my luggage!

Just came across this photo and thought "that's a big lateral flow test"


The teachers that would take away your calculator in class saying "you won't always have a calculator with you in real life" look stupid now that we all have calculators on our phones.

It always seems ridiculous that companies build products based on open source software while also banning their staff from contributing to open source because they "own the IP" of the staff.

24 hours apart.
They’ll try to tell you stuff tomorrow too.

Daily Mail front page: Sunny day snowflake Britain had a meltdown
Daily Mail front page: Hottest UK day ever. Nightmare of the wildfires.

We should still be using seals instead of a signature, much more interesting.

I was wondering why my RSS reader seemed relatively sane this morning, and then I realised that the Daily Echo and Andover Advertiser websites are both down.
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Aaaaaand it's back to normal.

So the temperature passes 40°C for the first time ever in the UK and does so at Heathrow Airport.

I wonder whether Heathrow Airport can join the dots here.

Usually when I get a CAPTCHA page I tend to just visit a different website instead because I can't be bothered with CAPTCHAs. But I do often wonder if I've just increased my chances of CAPTCHAs in future because I've just inadvertently trained an AI to think that I'm a bot.

Cars fundamentally change drivers into selfish nutcases devoid of compassion for all other road users. It's a metal box of hate, sold as freedom.

And it's this kind of crap that makes me *not* want to use genuine HP cartridges next time (clicking 'No Thank You' actually takes you to an 'Are you sure?' dialog).




This is what every Twitter trending topic looks like to me now


With PicoMemcard for the PSX a while back and now PicoBoot for the GC, I do believe I've finally found my "killer app" for the RPi Pico... :)
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