Yet another paywalled standard. I'm sorry, but if you're developing rules, that influence people's lives, then people have to be able to find out what those rules are, for free - including during development.


Many fellow programmers will be familiar with the now-viral lists of "things about names programmers shouldn't assume" and "things about dates programmers shouldn't assume". Now, much closer to my heart, this blog tells us what not to assume about maps! solutionspace.blog/2022/06/18/map…

I feel like 50% of my timeline consists of original tweets, and then the other 50% consists of retweets of quote-tweets of those tweets where the quote-tweet is just a single-word superlative and the retweet is by the author of the original tweet.

Sick of people calling everything in crypto a Ponzi scheme. Some crypto projects are pump and dump schemes, while others are pyramid schemes. Others are just standard issue fraud. Others are just middlemen skimming of the top. Stop glossing over the diversity in the industry.

Academic privilege: Discovering that sci-hub has been blocked in the UK for the last 18 months and I didn't even notice, until I tried to access a journal paper while on holiday.

I can't stress enough that the idea we're about to reach sentient AI is complete horseshit, and credible journalists should not be doing PR for people who get money and/or attention for claiming it.

Which is the best/least bad of the long-awaited/unwanted long gap 70s/80s/90s sequel?
Add others if you fancy.

I hear Sega are releasing another Megadrive Mini, this time with Mega-CD games. But if this game isn't included, I'm not interested.

Me, grinning like an idiot, holding a Sega Multimega and a boxed copy of Snatcher.

All about inclusion at this street party


Jazz? Yeah, I love it. My favorite chord? Probably C♭4add5

I don't think that word means much anymore.



The 90s # bus can't go below 55mph

A rare context in which the inclusion of a banjo is *not* the worst thing about it...


I really don't like this take.

Plenty of new stuff is equally vulnerable to old stuff.

And once again, there is a total lack of technical detail.

Previous @WhichUK has failed to differentiate between issues that need local network access and truly remote attacks.


To my fellow @Raspberry_Pi fans... The PiHut have Pi 4s in stock as part of kits, not mentioned on rpilocator (probably why the scalpers haven't bought them all). They even have the 8GB model in stock with a power supply, HDMI cable, case and SD card for £100 (1GB for £60).

So Southampton didn't win the City of Culture thing. I wonder if it was the bloke who walks down my road daily screaming random swear words into the air, the bloke I saw on Sunday pissing up the side of a building on the Avenue in broad daylight, or the bloke I saw a while back who stopped to finish his lager in the middle of a zebra crossing before stumbling and disappearing into a bush that ruined it for us?

The Sex Pistols lied to us


I just turned on BBC1 to watch the news, but because BBC local news *still* isnt in HD, I got a bunch of king penguins arguing over a ball of fluff. Long may BBC local news not be in HD.

I just turned on BBC1 to watch the news, but because BBC local news still isnt in HD, I got a bunch of king penguins arguing over a ball of fluff. Long may BBC local news not be in HD.

As an…
– employee in tech
I want…
– Everything abbreviated, even when the abbreviation itself takes longer to say than the original, before you even account for the fact that you have to say the original thing for clarification
so that…
– I can save time

Image repeats text of tweet content in image form for some reason

nighty night



For reasons too dull to list, I'm spending the evening going through Apache logs. The mischievious nerd in me is very happy to learn that my ISP, Dreamhost, seems to be responding to Log4J attacks with a 418 ("I'm a teapot") error.
@DrAshSmith We apologize for any issues you are experiencing. We sent an email to the address on file requesting more details, be sure to reply back for further assistance, Thanks! *MC
Dr Flarpy friendica (via Twitter)
@DreamHostCare Not at all, this is a good thing! No issues whatsoever :)

This morning, a bunch of council JCBs started digging up my road. Shortly after they started work, I and all of my neighbours lost their internet connection. I'm not saying correlation is causation, but it's a good start...
Nik Twitter
@DrAshSmith The well-known McNicholas Effect! If you need to borrow a mifi let me know

Do you know what old people often find stressful and upsetting? It’s car parks where you can only pay by using an app or a credit card. Quite a lot of old people don’t carry the latter (yes, really) and they have no idea what an app is. (1/9)

All her favourites


Once again; loud and slow for the people at the back:


Cookie popups came from the adtech industry’s disinclination to comply with ePrivacy law and make it so annoying to avoid surveillance advertising that people wouldn’t bother

People who talk during films at the cinema: you're not just ruining the bit you're yapping over - the constant anticipation of you talking again ruins the rest. Statistically speaking a cinema talker will definitely be reading this. Belt up you fanny.

Woman from Andover: "BT need to sort out the phone book!"
Everyone not in Andover: "what the heck is a phone book?"

Every Thursday night we should take to the streets and applaud those people who work from home.

What the heck just happened? I was sure for a minute there that we came second...

I’m awarding @sethmeyers “math joke of the month”. (Which is sadly only 92.3% of the award it was a year ago.)


A tip for fellow @Raspberry_Pi fans... quite a few places have kits which include a Pi among other stuff (PSU, SD card, etc). So if you need a Pi, try and grab one of those. It costs more, obviously, but at least you're not funding scalpers. CPC currently have Pi 4 kits in stock.

Dr Flarpy friendica (via Twitter)
(that article is quite sweary, I should probably point out)

Wickham is believed to be the location of the eighth Mysterious City of Gold.

Due to an oversight in drawing up an international treaty, Wickham is still part of the EU.

That's quite a way to frame "half of the new entrant apps in the Google Play store were engaging in the illegal harvesting of private data." 🎻


Two of my favourite Youtubers - Jim Browning and Mark "Glitterbomb" Rober - have spent the last few years pranking scam call centres. This video (and the others linked from it) is well worth the watch youtu.be/xsLJZyih3Ac
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