This is Miya and Kiyo. You never know when someone might need a hug, so Miya tries to be proactive about it. Kiyo stays available for quality control. 13/10 for both

an older black cocker spaniel mix sits on the landing of some concrete steps with yellow painted rises. she’s beaming. a gray and white pomsky pup stands on her two hind legs and hugs her friend from behind

As a…
– user
I want to…
– prove I am not a robot by training a robot to become less like a robot
so that…
– the more I train the robot, the more fucking painful it gradually becomes to prove that I am not a robot

Image repeats text of tweet content in image form for some reason

Sharing Russell's tribute from his Instagram below:


Just drove past this sign, think I might give it a miss


Just came across this photo and thought "that's a big lateral flow test"


24 hours apart.
They’ll try to tell you stuff tomorrow too.

Daily Mail front page: Sunny day snowflake Britain had a meltdown
Daily Mail front page: Hottest UK day ever. Nightmare of the wildfires.
And it's this kind of crap that makes me *not* want to use genuine HP cartridges next time (clicking 'No Thank You' actually takes you to an 'Are you sure?' dialog).


This is what every Twitter trending topic looks like to me now


I'll take "things that didn't age well" for 300$


Never click on a link in a SMS is the best advice @virginmedia


The training process was tedious, but now he knows he is not allowed on the couch 😅👌


🤖👾🌗☄️🪐Calling all Sotonian Whovians! Did you know this very special alien life form has arrived to our streets? It’s part of a big trail of sculptures designed by Hampshire artists on the @HaresHampshire trail! #

What's your crowning achievement this week, Ash? Well, I wrote a Greasemonkey plugin for Firefox that looks for every single tweet flagged as being from the UK government, and changes the text to make it look like it's been reported as misinformation...



There's a lot of people complaining about the art style of the new Monkey Island game. Allow me to remind you of the art style of the original...

I hear Sega are releasing another Megadrive Mini, this time with Mega-CD games. But if this game isn't included, I'm not interested.

Me, grinning like an idiot, holding a Sega Multimega and a boxed copy of Snatcher.

All about inclusion at this street party


I don't think that word means much anymore.



The Sex Pistols lied to us


As an…
– employee in tech
I want…
– Everything abbreviated, even when the abbreviation itself takes longer to say than the original, before you even account for the fact that you have to say the original thing for clarification
so that…
– I can save time

Image repeats text of tweet content in image form for some reason

I’m awarding @sethmeyers “math joke of the month”. (Which is sadly only 92.3% of the award it was a year ago.)

You *can* and *should* barbecue fish fingers, and this is a hill I will die on.

You can and should barbecue fish fingers, and this is a hill I will die on.


NEWS! Rammstein to lead Queen’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations on open top bus newsthump.com/2022/04/29/ram…


Brands: If we're going to jump on the Jubilee keep it classy

Heinz: Hold my beer


Today, we sent a joint letter, as a coalition of organisations, charities, industry bodies and MPs, demanding the government follow through with its promised legislation to #

This is why it's important for millions of consumers ➡️ whi.ch/ProtectCashLet…



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